Server Proxy LAN WAN


An effective solution :

The Server Proxy LANWANSAT ® solution is a "transparent" equipment placed at the entered the network before the internet access (Media : Copper, Fiber optic) or well before the modem Satellite.

It analyzes the contents of internet traffic in real-time and can "separate" the good from the bad following categories (>150) predefined.
In fact deleting trackers, advertising….


Operation :

The black list managed by the University of social sciences of Toulouse is used.
But it is incomplete with its 2 million addresses.

The database filtering 'LANWANSAT ®' also loaded into memory contains more than 30 million addresses of sites.

This 2nd base allows the detection of dangerous sites containing and self-propagating malware, phishing or viruses, disseminating advertising or performing SEO of passage :


What you don't see :


And even worse :


The software renders the user after filtering the page in its initial format purified according to the set rules. visible here

The rules can also served to block periodically, by the time range, specific sites in categories.


Example :

Blocking of social networking users in the company during the time of work 8 h 30 / 12 h and 13 h 30 / 18 h.

Increases the productivity and fluidity of the internet traffic.

Decreases maintenance of the workstation.

LANWANSAT ® does not replace an antivirus.
But a comprehensive additional solution can be integrated.

LANWANSAT ® is more efficient than parental control systems.

– Updates of the databases are automated.

– A remote supervision allows the reassembled events and alert avoiding complex management.

LANWANSAT ® can be integrated with Active Directory or / and LDAP in the enterprise.

– Possibility of linking the MAC address of the network stations to humanize the reading.

LANWANSAT ® can provide a 'Hot Spot' system to authenticate the user through a web page to give it access to the internet service.

LANWANSAT ® also provided detailed statistics of visited sites, bandwidth used, volumes of data received and sent.

Even more –>

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