Proxy Server internet satellite

LANWANSAT ® A Proxy Server for satellite Internet

LA SOLUTION à votre accès internet par satellite !

The volume of data transferred through a satellite subscription (reception + transmission) limited to a few gigabytes each month.

The bandwidth of your satellite being generally low access (some Mbt/s depending on the timetables) and reduced to a few KB/s when previously cited volumes have been reached.

It is easy to understand the effectiveness of the LANWANSAT ® system catching what is not necessary in your internet queries.

Indeed, the ci filter all which is undesirable for your comfort (advertising, video advertising, and of course trackers, spyware, Phishing…) and will retain only what you are interested according to pre-defined rules or rules defined by you.

In addition, the sites visited being “in Parties” stored locally on the server, during a second visit LANWANSAT ® charge only what has changed on the visited site.






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