Proxy lanwansat

Un Proxy pour tous les Réseaux LAN, WAN & SAT

LANWANSAT® is a proxy for cable networks solution (ADSL, Optical fibber) or wireless (Satellite, WiFi).
As well intended for professional and individuals offering configurable functionality.

Destiné à :

The improvement of internet traffic (economy of bandwidth),
Security (protection malicious sites),

Fluidity (acceleration loads and reloads of the pages, caching).


Is a solution hardware and comprehensive software ensuring performance and simplicity.


These features are as follows :


_ Computer networks security,
_ Optimizes bandwidth,
_ The internet stream according to predefined rules or parameterized filter,
_ Filter users or groups of users (Active Directory and LDAP),
_ Blocks offensive sites content (violence, harassment, pornography, pedophilia….),
_ Blocking bots private news sites (tracking, Phishing…),
_ Blocking dangerous sites propagating viruses or malwares,
_ Respecting privacy laws, Security, ethical,
_ Adaptability for the operation of the undertaking,
_ Increases the performance and the quality of traffic networks (bandwidth),
_ Space of “cloud” local,
_ Automated updates,
_ System of “Hot Spot” authentication,
_ Supervision distante de remonté d ' événements et d'alerte évitant une gestion complexe.




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